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Yusuf is a Data Scientist with extensive experience in R&D of AI tools. Previously, he worked with SERC where his research revolved around topic modeling, modeling language, personalization, syntactic/semantic embedding to help build SOTA NLP/NLU tools for private corporations. He has also taught many graduate-level courses which include Knowledge Discovery and Databases, Data Mining, and Machine Learning in Python. He graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Engineering and a Master’s in Information Systems (Business intelligence). His specialties include Data Mining, People Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Statistics, and Cloud-based Data Engineering. He is passionate about building open source ML tools and in empowering clients to leverage and use explainable AI systems.

Best place to connect with him would be on LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/in/getmykhan/

Building User-Friendly Data tools for Technical and Non-technical users

This talk will focus on how teams can adopt an open source approach in developing data and machine learning learning based solutions. We’ll explore how we can create a reusable code-base and leverage it to build powerful data applications. We will explore scenarios on how an analyst vs an executive can benefit from the same codebase. If this sounds fun, tag along.

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