D’vorah Graeser

Founder & CEO - KISSPatent 

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Founder & CEO – KISSPatent

Dr. D’vorah Graeser has supported the filing of 1000+ patent applications in 15+ industries over the course of her career. With a roster of clients ranging from first-time solopreneurs to large corporations with robust IP portfolios, D’vorah has become a sought-after expert in emerging tech Intellectual Property strategy. Her specialties include AI, blockchain, and the intersection of tech with healthcare.

In her journey as an IP professional, Dr. Graeser noticed a troubling reality within the industry. While large corporations seemed to benefit from endless innovation resources, entrepreneurs and startups often struggled without proper support. She founded KISSPlatform in 2018 to help innovators validate their unique ideas, connect to the best business model and market, and be at their competition.

D’vorah received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Harvard and a Ph.D. inPharmacology from the University of Michigan. She did two postdocs with the Human GenomeProject as a programmer. She founded Dr. D. Graeser Ltd (Israel) in 2000, Graeser AssociatesInternational Inc (USA) in 2010, and KISSPatent Europe BV in 2015, all of which are still operating.

The VC Landscape for AI companies (Panel)

It’s no secret that companies with an AI focus have been receiving lots of funding these days. It’s always interesting to get venture capitalists (VCs) perspectives on the market and how new technologies are trending. In this panel we will discuss what thecurrent climate is for AI companies looking for funding, and what makes companies stand out to investors

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