Chief David Jantas
Police Chief (Retired) - Pemberton Township, NJ Police Department
About Chief David Jantas

Police Chief (Retired) - Pemberton Township, NJ Police Department

ChiefDavidJantas was given the opportunity to join the Pemberton Township Police Department in 1994. In1 998 the police department began its entrance into the computer age. Chief Jantas was one of the police departments' original Computer Liaisons tasked with training personnel in the use of the software and maintaining the associated equipment. Ultimately, he became the technology focal point for the entire agency, overseeing training and several equipment and software upgrades. He also managed the initial installation and subsequent digital upgrade of the department’s in-car video system and procurement of body-worn cameras.Chief Jantas has enjoyed a 10-year career leading the Pemberton Police Force and just recently retired on May 1, 2020

Speaker Sessions

How AI is Helping Public Safety Agencies Demonstrate Greater Transparency

Amidst challenging times for law enforcement, police departments and other public safety agencies have an opportunity to foster greater public trust and increased transparency through the application of AI. In this session, Retired Chief David Jantas from the Pemberton Township, NJ Police Department will share his experiences and best practices on how agencies are leveraging AI driven technology to not only help save costs and resources, but provide greater transparency to the public such as the release of redacted public records requests.

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