Anthony Scriffignano

Senior Vice President & Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet

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Senior Vice President & Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet

Anthony Scriffignano is an internationally recognized data scientist with experience spanning over35 years, in multiple industries and enterprise domains. Dr. Scriffignano has an extensive background in linguistics and advanced algorithms, leveraging that background as a primary inventor on multiple patents worldwide. He provides thought leadership globally. Recently, he briefed the US NationalSecurity Telecommunications Advisory Committee regarding reports to the President on Big DataAnalytics and Emerging Technologies Strategic Vision. Additionally, Scriffignano provided expert advice on private-sector data officers to a group of state Chief Data Officers and the White HouseOffice of Science and Technology Policy. He also served as a forum panelist and keynote speaker at the World Internet Conference hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Wuzhen, China. He was recently published in CIO Review, Huffington Post, Mint (India), and quoted in various publications including China Daily, Xinhua, and Peoples Daily. He was profiled by InformationWeek and by BizCloud, and is a recurring CXOTalk guest. He regularly presents at business, government and academic venues globally regarding emerging trends in data and information stewardship, the “BigData” explosion, artificial intelligence, multilingual challenges in business identity and malfeasance in commercial settings

Data, AI, and Hyperdisruption [Keynote: Anthony Scriffignano, Dun & Bradstreet]

Today, more than ever, decisions are informed by data, and increasingly by digital technology that uses data in new and sometimes unexplainable ways. Everything produces data. Even data begets data. Dr. Anthony Scriffignano, SVP/Chief Data Scientist at Dun and Bradstreet, will discuss some of the ways in which hyperdisruption is challenging business leaders to think differently about making decisions with data. He will share best practices, discuss challenges and future risks, and explore models for problem and opportunity formulation that are helpful in this kinetic environment.

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