Zorroa AI Demo Showcase: An introduction to no-code ML with Zorroa

Machine learning has been playing a critical role in business transformations—but it is an incredibly expensive and inflexible process, even if you’re using off-the-shelf ML APIs. Watch the demo to learn how the Zorroa platform converts a process that is inherently costly, long, and unpredictable—as per course for data science—to one that is agile like software development. It is possible to ingest your raw assets, run analyses using pre-trained models for label detection, OCR, speech-to-text, or content moderation, then evaluate the results without code.

Learn how Zorroa’s ML integration platform will help you:

  • Kick off an ML project in under an hour
  • Enable automations with ML APIs from GCP, AWS, and Azure
  • Compress a 12 month development cycle down to an hour

Modzy: AI Demo Showcase

What we are Demoing:

AI offers great potential to enable cost savings, resource efficiencies, and better data-driven decision-making for organizations. Unfortunately, many organizations are struggling to see the return on their AI investments, because no easy way exists to get AI out of the lab into production at scale. Enter Modzy, enabling the secure deployment, management, and monitoring of AI models into production at scale. Watch this demo to see how easy it is to use the Modzy platform to deploy and govern models in production, immediately empowering your teams to turn any tool or application into one that’s powered by AI.

About Modzy:

Modzy™ helps government and private-sector customers meet the challenge of operationalizing artificial intelligence (AI) by enabling rapid deployment, management and monitoring of trusted AI. Modzy’s platform leverages embedded security, proprietary adversarial defense, explainability, and governance features to help customers easily manage and quickly benefit from their AI investments at enterprise scale. Modzy provides a repository that allows you to store, run and govern your own models or access models via our marketplace. The Marketplace offers choice with ready-to-deploy, pre-trained and retrainable AI models from leading machine learning companies and open source communities. This demo includes an overview of the Modzy platform and will showcase how Modzy accelerates the deployment of trustworthy AI while increasing transparency—all while lowering the barriers to adopting and scaling AI.

Find out more at www.modzy.com

KNN classification with the Zorroa platform

Pre-trained neural networks are great at classifying images, but the resulting taxonomy of keywords typically contain terms that are irrelevant in a production environment. Juan Buhler, Zorroa’s Sr. Data Science Engineer, shows how the Zorroa platform allows a user to very quickly create an image classifier that uses user-friendly keywords that the user can control. The result is the ability to organize an image set from scratch within the Zorroa GUI, with only a few minutes of work.

Accelerating innovation with the latest ML APIs

While the move to pre-trained ML models eliminates the need to train a neural network from scratch, integrating it into your app or workflow still requires 10-12 months of development and upwards of $1M in investment. Danny Tiesling, Zorroa’s Product Manager, discusses how the Zorroa platform abstracts away the complexity to get up and running with your next ML project using Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure ML APIs in under an hour.

Time-based metadata exploration

Off the shelf algorithms are being used to accelerate ML development, but identifying and evaluating the predictions in hours-long video content is no easy task. To eliminate that manual task and accelerate development, Danny Tiesling, Zorroa’s Product Manager, demonstrates how their GUI-based workflow enables its user to pinpoint and compare Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure ML predictions in a matter of seconds.

Multi-platfrom ML pipeline in under 5 minutes

Barriers to AI/ML adoption is still high, even for the well-funded enterprise organizations. Danny Tiesling, Zorroa’s Product Manager, demos how to set up a multi-platform ML pipeline using pre-trained computer vision, NLP, and OCR models in under 5 minutes using Zorroa’s ML integration platform. He will demo how data ingest, ML implementation with GCP, AWS, and Azure, automated metadata tagging, and results evaluation can be done with a point-and-click workflow, all without code.

Data Preparation Strategies for Successful Machine Learning

One of the most common questions about machine learning is “How do I prepare my data for a machine learning project?” In order to run successful machine learning projects, and create highly-accurate predictive models for your business, you need to prepare your data effectively. But this process doesn’t have to be a burden.

In this 45-minute session, you’ll discover:

  • Efficient methods to explore and organize complex data
  • How to marry multiple datasets for feature engineering
  • Optimal target selection and how to address information leakage

Is Artificial Intelligence Worth It for Me?

Understanding buzzwords, avoiding the hype, and capitalizing on AI

In this 60 minute webinar, you will learn about the executive’s role in data science, including:

  • How this emerging technology can transform business decision making
  • How to accelerate data science throughout your organization to improve outcomes
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in data science implementation
  • How to turn every manager in your organization into a source of operational improvements through data science

Automated Machine Learning in Action

Machine learning dramatically improves decision making via sophisticated predictive analytics that learns patterns from historical data. Led by Data Scientists, predictive analytics is enabling companies to transform their business through these initiatives. But Data Scientists are in short supply and this shortage is preventing businesses from realizing the full potential to derive value from their data. In this webinar recording, you’ll see how DataRobot automates predictive modeling to deliver a productivity boost to your machine learning endeavors.

See a recorded demo of how DataRobot:

  • Enables data scientists and analysts to quickly build highly accurate predictive models using an automated machine learning workflow
  • Provides data scientists with the flexibility to customize as well as generate deep insights using modern open source algorithms
  • Helps data scientists to easily productionalize models and deliver immediate value to business

Analytics Strategy of a 21st Century Insurance Company

There is no doubt about the impact of predictive analytics in any insurance company – large, medium, or small. The question that everyone is asking: how can we bring a sustainable, cost-effective, and consumer centric predictive analytics strategy within the organization? Machine Learning Automation is the answer to that question.

This 60 minute on-demand session provides an overview of predictive modeling, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the insurance industry, offering insights into how these technologies will impact growth and profitability. You’ll also learn the three main aspects of a sustainable and cost-effective predictive analytics strategy in an insurance company:

  • The ability to develop and refresh predictive models at any time
  • The ability to develop models with a click of a button
  • The ability to operationalize models by following a process that is user-centric and regulation-friendly

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