Data for AI 2020 Conference
Data for AI Week: Virtual Conference Experience - Addressing the Data Side of AI in a Conference Unlike any Other
Data for AI 2020 Conference
The Costs of Not Having an AI Strategy and How to Prepare for AI (Keynote)
Thu. September 17, 2020 @ 10:00 ET
Presented by:
Maverick Quantum Inc (mavQ)

Maverick Quantum Inc (mavQ) is a low code & artificial intelligence platform that enables organizations with digital transformation while creating valuable insights and outcomes.

About this Session

AI is here and is already having a massive impact on public and private sector organizations. There is a huge cost financially, operationally, and competitively for not being prepared. In this session, MTX Group, Inc. will discuss the Maverick AI platform and how we work with public and private sector organizations to understand, prepare for, and implement AI solutions

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