Data for AI 2020 Conference
Data for AI Week: Virtual Conference Experience - Addressing the Data Side of AI in a Conference Unlike any Other
Data for AI 2020 Conference
Leveraging Model-Assisted Labeling to Better Harness AI Data and Reduce Data Labeling Costs
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Labelbox is an end-to-end training data platform that is used to create and manage high-quality training data. The platform provides fast labeling tools, collaboration features, and supports any data type (e.g., images, videos, text, etc.)

About this Session

ML practitioners can dramatically reduce the time and labeling budgets by harnessing model-assisted labeling for both strong and weak supervision. Labelbox ML lead will be sharing an interactive demo and tutorial on production workflows that we have worked well with the goal of highlighting important principles that spark inspiration for others.

Featured Presenters

Randall Lin

With experience in large scale NLP on TPUs using limited labeled data and quick iterative ML experimentation tooling with Airflow and Kubernetes, Randall is currently

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