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Increasing Intelligent Automation Through Artificial [...]
Increasing Intelligent Automation Through Artificial Intelligence
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Cognilytica is an AI focused research, advisory, and education firm.

About this Session

Choosing the right vendor to help your organization navigate the journey of digital transformation is critical.  In this quest for the next evolution of digital transformation, intelligent automation plays a significant role. This webinar will review practical applications and considerations to use artificial intelligence (AI) in intelligent automation in the enterprise.

Join industry experts Jorge Sanchez, Director of Product Strategy at Appian and Cognilytica analysts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer for this interactive webinar as they discuss the levels of Intelligent Process Automation and various use cases of intelligent automation in a variety of industries.

Attendees will also explore:

  • How AI fits into the picture of Intelligent Automation - what are the things IT leadership needs to consider
  • Where to get the most impact and fastest returns
  • Practical applications, use cases and considerations to use AI in the enterprise
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