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May 2020: Cindy Bedell and John Fossaceca, Army Research [...]
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Special Speakers: Cindy Bedell, Army Research Lab and Dr. John Fossaceca, Army Research Laboratory

This month’s virtual presenters are Cindy Bedell, Director, Computational & Information Sciences US Army Research Lab and Dr. John Fossaceca is the Program Manager (A) for the AI for Maneuver & Mobility Essential Research Program (AIMM-ERP) for the CCDC Army Research Laboratory supporting research programs in AI & Machine Learning for Autonomous Systems.

  • Cindy will talk about AI/ML Challenges in the Army. "Studies have made clear, the Department of Defense (DoD) must integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) more effectively across operations to maintain advantages over increasingly capable adversaries and competitors"1. Future military operations will involve teams of highly-dispersed warfighters and robotic agents operating in distributed, dynamic, complex, and cluttered environments. Most current research and success in AI and ML require extremely large collections of clean, well-curated data, with little background noise. Army domains, on the other hand, present rapidly changing situations; noisy, incomplete and potentially erroneous data; small numbers of samples for important cases; and the potential of a deceptive adversary. The commercial sector is not yet interested in researching these limited data, or edge cases, so the army must address them. We will highlight cross cutting research AI/ML efforts at ARL and their impact for future Army missions.
  •  John will discuss AI for Maneuver and Mobility. AI for Maneuver and Mobility (AIMM), an essential research program of the Army Research Laboratory, strives to develop advanced machine learning algorithms for maneuver and scene understanding in Multi-Domain Operations (MDO). To solve some of MDO’s most critical problems, the future force requires the ability to converge capabilities from across multiple domains at speeds and scales beyond human abilities. The army has unique technical challenges that the commercial sector will not address. Increasingly, the Army must engage in distributed operations in complex environments under extreme resource constraints with novel or limited data. This Army research accelerates autonomous mobility of vehicles which can team with Soldiers. The agents have context-aware decision-making ability to conduct reconnaissance and threat-recognition, which can reduce the cognitive burden on military decision makers during complex and dispersed operations

Come join us for this great discussion and stick around for Q&A at the end.

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Featured Presenters

John M. Fossaceca

Dr. Fossaceca is the Associate Division Chief for the US Army Research Laboratory’s Information Sciences Division, where he supports basic research programs in machine learning

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