Datatron Presents: A Trusted Approach to MLOps

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Session Date & Time:
Wed. January 27, 2021 @ 14:45 ET

Presented by Datatron

Production AI Model Management at Scale Automate the standardized deployment, monitoring, governance, and validation of all your models to be developed in any environment. A single, production-grade environment for all your SAS, R, Machine Learning, and Regression model needs

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What does it take to operationalize ML models in production while enabling model governance and risk management? How can you solve tough business problems with trust and transparency? Can we spend less time on engineering heavy lifting and more time on science? 

Datatron automates MLOps and Model Governance in a single platform enabling scientists, engineers, and business stakeholders to focus on a wide variety of business problems. In this session, you will learn:

  • How a model catalog serves as the foundation for MLOps and Model Governance
  • What enterprise-features are necessary for scalable MLOps
  • How to bring trust and transparency via governance KPIs
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