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Oct. 2019 AI in Government - Dr. Marc Sebrechts, NSF
About this Session

Special Speaker: Dr. Marc Sebrechts, NSF

"Addressing AI Opportunities and Challenges"

This month’s presenter is Dr. Marc Sebrechts from the National Science Foundation. The National Science Foundation supports research on questions at the heart of many of our national priorities. The broad behavioral, social and economic impacts of artificial intelligence constitute one such priority. In this presentation Marc will describe ways in which NSF-sponsored AI research addresses a range of challenges and opportunities for individuals, government, industry, and society at large. It explores some of the major issues evoked by different AI approaches, including machine learning and deep learning. In addition to core research programs, AI research plays a key role in NSF Big Ideas on the Future of Work and on Data Science. The substantial impact of AI on the nature of work is evident in research on new tools, skills, and jobs. More broadly these changes emphasize the need for new educational approaches and techniques for reskilling workers. Extensive availability and use of individual data makes it possible to design new tools for understanding behavior and social functioning. These developments also make it clear that research is needed to ensure that AI systems result in fair and equitable treatment. The importance of having multiple disciplines taking a ‘convergent’ approach to AI research, emphasizing the need for multiple methods and perspectives, is highlighted.

Come listen to the NSF, ask them questions, and share your ideas.

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Dr. Marc Sebrechts

Dr. Marc M. Sebrechts (currently workings as Division Director of the National Science Foundation) has a broad range of interests in Cognitive Science. His research examines the

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